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A deck of cards that randomly generates inky, organic dungeons!

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3 days ago – Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 03:06:04 PM


Greetings to all you lovely Dungenerators! 

When I casually tossed out the "Banana Suit" stretch goal, I didn't think it would actually fund.

It almost immediately did. You called my bluff, and I was now compelled by Kickstarter law to wear a banana suit and do something silly. This was originally going to involve me, at a convention, hawking my wares, dressed as a banana... But the convention circuit didn't really work out this year, so I had to pivot into something... else.

Gaze upon what your support has wrought:

"I am a banana!"
You can tell in the close-ups it was sweaty work, hahaha

 "Where's Series 2, though?"

For those of you uninterested in rapping nanners, I'm happy to report that the art for The DUNGENERATOR Series 2 is coming along nicely! The discord voted on a "jungle temple" theme, and I'm really happy with the results so far! 

Take a look:

There are already a few up on IG - click to check 'em out!

As with Series 1, I'm running a lite RPG in the Instagram comments as I post. I always appreciate folks cheering me on, so come on down, if you're so inclined!

I'm splitting the cards between "full on forest" and "dungeon with a hint of foliage" so you can shuffle the decks together :)

I'll make sure to make as much noise as I can about The DUNGENERATOR: Series 2 before it launches later this year, but if you want to make sure you snap up one of those Early Bird tiers, here's the pre-launch notification link:

Thank you so much, again and again, for being a part of this literally life-changing experience for me! 

Talk to you again soon, Dungenerators! 

2 months ago – Tue, Aug 10, 2021 at 12:49:05 AM

Token Pack 3 is already in your email!

It's a set of dungeon characters that could be nice or could be very not nice. Your call!

You should've already gotten a BackerKit email giving you access this weekend.

Bonus: I formatted this pack as paper miniatures as well!

I finished these up in time for the Paper Mini Jam - which I highly recommend you check out - and decided to submit them there, too! You can cut 'em out and stand 'em up and just go nuts, basically!

So that's all the Token Packs, sealed and delivered! 

If you happen to still need even MORE dungeon denizens (dunizens? dengizons?), remember that you can essentially create Unlimited Free Tokens (as long as every single one of them is a goblin) here:

Gristlestink is a true champion


You might be wondering, "What's still left to look forward to in this Kickstarter project?"

Don't worry - there's still more to come!

  • Mysterious unlocked Banana Suit content! I haven't forgotten- I just figured you'd probably want the useful stuff first, haha!
  • Voting on the theme for DUNGENERATOR Series 2 in the DUNGENERATORS Discord server!
  • All of the art for Series 2! You'll be able to play along on my Instagram feed as we did with the first series - it was a ton of fun, and really helped propel the project forward!
  • The DUNGENERATOR Series 2 Kickstarter! That's right, I'm planning a second print run of Series 1 along with printing a whole new set this fall!

Okay, uhhh that's it for now! Making stuff is super fun!

Talk to you again soon!

3 months ago – Tue, Aug 03, 2021 at 08:52:21 PM


The second of the digital token packs is all finished and should be hitting your inboxes right about... now?

(You can also always just log in to your BackerKit account to see all of your downloads so far.)

For this one, I took your suggestions and tried to put everything you might need to decorate your dungeons in an efficient bundle. 

Here are a few samples:

Good mushrooms? Bad mushrooms? Maybe both?
Every dungeon needs a treasure chest!
You can tell a dungeon is a good one if it has some adventurer remains lying about
Even famous heroes get sleepy sometimes!

The next pack (Characters) is already inked, and will be on the way presently! 

After that, we finally get back to DUNGEON ROOMS FOR SERIES 2! Wooooo!

And in case you missed it, here's a reminder to go check out the GOBLINFINITE GOBLIN GENERATOR, another spiffy thing you helped bring to life with this Kickstarter! Dang. You folks are cool.

You can use it to generate goblin NPCs, or just an army of tokens!

Okay, talk to you soon!

3 months ago – Sun, Aug 01, 2021 at 01:40:11 AM


Here's a little treat for making it through your week!

(For those of you working this weekend: I'm right there with you- here's a distraction instead, haha!)

May I present the


"Sacrifice" a goblin to Zoog to generate a new one; "Immortalize" them to save images! Click the magnifying glass to toggle the zoom :)

ChimpCEO and I have built a diabolical engine that spits out more goblins than you can feasibly see in the span of a human lifetime! We couldn't have done it without your support, so right up top: THANKS AGAIN!

An infinite supply of charming weirdos!

You can save them as profile pics, use them as TTRPG tokens, keep your favorites in a secret folder on your desktop, watch them wriggle helplessly in your grasp, and/or share their art on social media! Each has a set of randomly-generated, system-agnostic stat bonuses/penalties, a uniquely-generated name and art, and a set of "personality prompts" so you can instantly inject a weird little NPC into your campaign!

Full-art versions are sized for instant Instagram sharing!

The GOBLINFINITE Goblin Generator is in Early Access Beta mode right now (it's a little wonky in some mobile web browsers, so try desktop if it's not loading), but if folks like it enough, we'll keep adding features like custom backgrounds, different image formats, more body variations, a standalone mobile app, and more! Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments below.

The "profile picture" size is also perfect for virtual tabletop tokens!

I'll be using @GoblinsNeverDie to organize weird little competitions between goblins that folks send me, so use #GOBLINFINITE or tag that account (or mine) to send me your favorites if you're into that!

(Note: be sure to include a version that has their stats, so we can properly estimate their abilities!)

You can also share them in the DUNGENERATORS Discord server - or just stop by to say hi!

For those of you waiting for more token art progress- Good news is on the way next week!

Whew! Exciting times!

See you soon, folks!

4 months ago – Wed, Jul 07, 2021 at 07:28:10 PM


Greetings, Dungenerators! 

Just wanted to pop on to let you know that Digital Token Pack 1: Monsters is released!

You should be getting a notification in your electronic mail inbox that'll lead you to the downloads (or you can log in with your Kickstarter email at )

I'm really excited for you to see the finished, painted tokens, but I've decided to let you open them up yourself, so as not to ruin the surprise. 

Let me know if you use them in your games and what your favorite is here or on IG or wherever! It always makes my day. :)

What's Next?

I'll be hard at work on the next two token packs, Features and Characters, even as you read this!

I'm about to post a poll in the DUNGENERATORS Discord, asking for input on Token Pack 2 - head on over there if you want to take part!