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A deck of cards that randomly generates inky, organic dungeons!

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19 days ago – Wed, Jul 07, 2021 at 07:28:10 PM


Greetings, Dungenerators! 

Just wanted to pop on to let you know that Digital Token Pack 1: Monsters is released!

You should be getting a notification in your electronic mail inbox that'll lead you to the downloads (or you can log in with your Kickstarter email at )

I'm really excited for you to see the finished, painted tokens, but I've decided to let you open them up yourself, so as not to ruin the surprise. 

Let me know if you use them in your games and what your favorite is here or on IG or wherever! It always makes my day. :)

What's Next?

I'll be hard at work on the next two token packs, Features and Characters, even as you read this!

I'm about to post a poll in the DUNGENERATORS Discord, asking for input on Token Pack 2 - head on over there if you want to take part!

about 1 month ago – Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 09:04:42 PM


Hearing about people receiving and enjoying bits of my art all over the globe is a dream come true- my goal since childhood has been to bring my art to as many people as possible, instead of selling it to a company or a few rich folks. Thank you so, so much for helping make it happen. My heart is full!

It's now been about two weeks since the last wave of packages went out, so I wanted to check in and see how everyone's shipments were doing!

US Backers:

I've gotten lots of reports of successful shipments from you, but wanted to make sure nothing was lost in the tangled web of USPS. It's been about a month since US shipping started, so if you haven't received your decks yet,  please check your tracking number here: 

...and send me a DM if anything seems off (like a package has been sitting in the same place for a month)! 

(The US fulfillment company I'm using tells me there have been some USPS delays here and there, but I'd like to get a better sense of how it's going.)

International Backers:

It's only been a couple of weeks since the last wave of international shipments went out, so I don't necessarily expect all packages to be delivered, but I have received a couple of reports of customs issues. If you don't have your packages, please check your tracking number here: 

...and send me a DM if anything odd has happened. Including your country and number of decks you ordered helps a lot, too!

(I'm trying to figure out how viable this international fulfillment method is so that I can make it as smooth as possible!)

How to Reach Out:

You have options to reach me:

- A Direct Message on Kickstarter will go right to my email inbox!

- I'll also see a Direct Message on Discord pretty quickly!

- Commenting on this post works, too, but it'll add a little time to the process.

- I will see comments and DMs on my Instagram or Twitter eventually, but there's a chance they'll get lost, so please don't do this for something important like getting your decks!

Speaking of Discord:

Everyone that asked for a special Discord role should now have one - if you asked for one and it's not showing up (on the DUNGENERATORS server), there was some sort of issue with the Discord name you entered. Just send me a DM!

What's Next?

Now that fulfillment has settled down, I'm back to making art! You can see it (and guide me with suggestions) on my Instagram or Twitter, or I've set up a channel in the Discord that conveniently auto-posts it for those who don't like to deal with those sites! 

Come say hi! :D

Okay, whew. That turned into a little longer of an update than expected!

 Until next time, Dungenerators! 

2 months ago – Thu, May 27, 2021 at 12:32:24 AM

(...All hands on decks? Is that anything?)


(deep breath)


As of this update, (almost) all of your Dungenerator Series 1 decks and Goblin Sticker Packs have been shipped and are on their way!

You most likely have already gotten a tracking number notice from BackerKit in your email, and should be able to click it to see where your package is and when it's scheduled to arrive!

Many of you actually received your packages before you even got a tracking number notice.

That's because the fulfillment companies wanted to get an entire "wave" of shipments sent out before they sent me the numbers. Seems a bit counterintuitive to me, but uh... I guess it's just another part of this big ol' learning experience!

I'm really happy with the way the cards turned out from both manufacturers, and I hope you are too!

The inky darkness! The linen texture!
These shots were taken by the EU manufacturer - they didn't bother reading the instructions, haha!


Below, I'll post some answers to a few questions I've received so far. If you have any more, don't hesitate to ask them here in the comments, in a Kickstarter direct message, or on the Dungenerators Discord server:

Q: "My stuff hasn't arrived!"

A: Don't worry! Both of the companies that I used to pack and ship the cards sent the packages out in multiple waves. This was to ensure quality and safety for everyone's shipments, I am told!

Check your email for that tracking number - it should be able to lay your fears to rest.

If you're looking for your Goblin Sticker Packs, please give them 20 days to arrive (from the sticker pack shipment update) - it should take less than that, but international mail, in particular, is a fickle foe. 

Q: "I didn't get a tracking number!"

A: Double-check the email that you used to pledge on Kickstarter or BackerKit.

You're looking for an email from BackerKit (It'll be from an address like

You can also log in to your BackerKit account at and find it there!

If you really haven't received a tracking number after double-checking, a few things could be the case:

Either you are in the extremely-cool, highly-elite International Third Wave (in short, something like five of you weren't sent your packages last week because the EU fulfillment company got confused by some BackerKit spreadsheet wording, and I am very sorry, and your packages are on their way soon!),

Or you never filled out your survey at

(I get it! A lot has happened in the past... half-year? Yeesh). Head over there, check it out, and send me a message if anything's weird or you have questions. I'll get you sorted!

Q: "How do I use these? I have some instructions questions!"

A: You should have a pair of instructions cards included in your deck. If you don't, please let me know! I wish I could open each deck to triple-check them for quality, but that's kinda impossible, so I had to make do with spot-checks.

I also really had to cut down the wording on the instructions cards for space reasons, and I understand that some of the bits I left out could be interpreted a couple of ways. 

So! Here are a few expanded notes on DUNGENERATION:

  • The Treasure cards are optional. You can add as many as you like to the deck or keep them aside to replace Dead Ends where you deem it appropriate. Maybe you say NO Treasure for your players! Maybe they've been bad this session! You are like unto a god! 
  • The Secret Passage cards are meant to be kept aside and placed when one of your players searches for and finds a secret passage. This is a handy way to "fix" dungeon layouts that are too linear, or for whatever other reason you like. Maybe start a new floor?
  • If your dungeon map ends up too small, go ahead and replace a Dead End with a Stairs card- it's just a vertical dungeon!
  • The numbers on each card let you quickly find the 1" battle grid map that corresponds to it - that way, you can have your generated dungeon on one area of the table, and pull up a battle map when the players run into trouble!
  • When you add an unused card back into the deck, you can add it to the top or bottom- it won't disturb the generation algorithm either way! (I put mine on the bottom, usually. They had their chance.)

Q: "What's next? Are we done?!"

A: Far from it!

I still have a bunch of cool stuff coming down the pipeline for you, including three digital token packs, an infinite goblin generator app, a Banana Suit video that I'm pretty sure you'll find worth the wait, and a whole new digital Series 2 map pack! I also have to do some more spreadsheet stuff. 

This whole thing sure does involve a lot of spreadsheets! 

Here are some (uncolored) previews of the first token pack to whet your appetite:

Token pack 1: Monsters! Do you think I should release these black and white versions too?

I'm sure I missed something, so just holler in whatever manner you're comfortable if you think of anything else! 

See you soon, Dungenerators! 

3 months ago – Wed, May 12, 2021 at 02:39:46 AM

All Goblin Sticker Packs have now been shipped! 

Everyone whose pledge included one can expect it in the mail soon!

(Some of you are across the world from me, so please give it an appropriate amount of time to reach you.)

(USPS says this means 1 to 3 business days in the US, or 6 to 20 business days in other countries.)

The goblinvasion begins!

I'm hoping to have more news this week. 

Talk to you soon, Dungenerators! 


3 months ago – Sun, May 02, 2021 at 02:40:28 AM

Hi, Dungenerators!

Just wanted to put out the call that, if you're a US-based backer, you should be getting an email from the US fulfillment company, Quartermaster Logistics (, giving you one final chance to confirm or alter your shipping address!

They also wanted me to tell you this:

"Should you experience shipping issues when receiving your package, please contact QML right away using the email. Issues can include: Package not arriving despite tracking showing delivered, package arrives damaged, only one of several packages received, opened parcel upon arrival, etc. Please be sure to contact QML the moment you are aware of the issue with all relevant information (tracking number, pictures of damaged item and shipping boxes, etc) as investigations need to be started within a week of the last scan. If your package would qualify for a claim, please do not file a claim with the courier and instead contact QML for more assistance, as this needs to be filed on behalf of the shipper. Rest assured, our team and the QML team will work to find the best solution regarding whatever shipping issues you may experience."

But that's not very thematic or dungeon-y. 

So I'll translate:

"Harken well, Adventurer! 

Though ye parcels will, gods-willing, arrive with the speed and grace of a blessed pegasus, the roads are fraught with peril!

Should ye find yon bundle arrives Cursed, Invisible, Hacked in twain by a great-sword, Partially-pilfered, or Drooled upon by a rust-monster, 

Hesitate not to contact the Masters of Quarter!

Blame ye not the messenger, nor the foot-boy; nay, for their lives are reckless, horrid and short, and they be far too simple to salve your wounded lot.

Yea, if ye package not be whole, 'tis the Masters of Quarter for you!"

...I'm sure that'll be easier to parse.

Stay safe, Dungenerators!

Talk to you soon!